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Want to avoid getting pregnant? The Women's Center can provide you with the tools and information to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. In case of an unwanted pregnancy, The Women's Center's dedicated professionals can guide you through your options.

Family Planning & Pregnancy Alternatives


Pregnancy tests are always free and confidentiality is always guaranteed. No parental notification is required for minors. The Women's Center's number one concern is your health and safety, so same-day appointments are available.

FREE Pregnancy Test & Confidential Counseling

Find out how far along your pregnancy is and whether or not an abortion is your best choice. Schedule a free ultrasound with a licensed, professional consultant.

FREE ultrasound

The Women's Center's counselors are the best at what they do. If there's a way to lessen or eliminate your financial burdens, they'll find it! In addition, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and consultations are

always free.

Financial Assistance

Over 65,000 clients have been satisfied over the past 23 years. The women's Center is Chicago's most trusted facility.

Your health and safety are important!